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  • Everything about Sprintrally in Czech Republick


    My name is Pawel I live in Poland and I have rally license. It`s national license not international (which I`m going to get meybe in next season) so I can start only in some kind of second rally league in Poland (we call it PPZM). If I understand good your "Sprintrally" is very similar to our PPZM? This rallies usually have about 100km of rally stages and there is only one leg. Unfortunately almost all of regulations are the same like in Polish Rally Championship (RSMP - Polish first league). We have to have all actual homologations for seat and seat belts, fire extinguishers, all racewear etc. Some years ago we only need homologation which could be not valid and it was much cheaper...

    That`s why I`m thinking about start in your Sprintrally. I`m not sure I can start in this rallies with my polish license, but I`m going to find out. I live quite near Czech Republic and maybe for me start in rallies in your country will be cheaper than in mine...

    I need any information about Sprintrally (entry fee, about car preparation, what we need from racewear, classification, etc.) Now I know almost nothing, so please write me about everything

    My e-mail: miedzio@miedzio.net


    Best regards