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Škoda Octavia WRC kit

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  • Škoda Octavia WRC kit

    Hi!! (Again)
    I'm Joel from Barcelona (Spain) and I need help about the octavia WRC aerodinamic kit.
    I hace an Octavia RS from 2003 with only 39.000 km . And I want to ensamble the wrc kit on my car...isn't a rally car project, is only to make a project (no tuning!! ) with my car...
    The kit that i'm searching for is this

    The WRC car that I want to "copy is this..

    Then if I can buy the body kit, I will buy the rear wing (like this

    And new weels (but now I don't Know to put tall 17" or 18") What do you think??

    If someone knows were I can buy THE BODY KIT AND THE REAR WING, please HELP ME!!!!!!

    Thank you very, very much!!!
    Lots of regards!!
    Naposledy upraveno JOELRS; 30-03-08, 13:43.

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    Re: Škoda Octavia WRC kit

    Hello i dont know where you can buy body kit,but if you want have it as wrc car i will use oz supertutismo wheels in 18''.rear wing you can buy on many czech tuning shops.
    try this: www.autodoplnky.cz


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      Re: Škoda Octavia WRC kit

      Thank You!! for your opinion about the weels, jejeje
      I think the same...but the "compomotive" are so beautiful too...

      I think that I'll never find the WRC kit...


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        Re: Škoda Octavia WRC kit

        http://www.ks-motorsport.cz/tuning/a...il=207&page=1- here is front bumper EVO 3, and next -http://motorsport.brs-technology.sk/Sklo-Octavia.aspx- bodykit from EVO 1+ carbon front bonnet= perfect replica of Octavia WRC http://www.ewrc.cz/ewrc/inzerce.php?advert=5813 - 18" rims Octavia WRC Vlado, Slovakia
        Naposledy upraveno spiderwrc; 22-03-09, 15:17.