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    Saw in Barum that a few 130 RS cars were still around.

    That car was the one that got me interested in rally back when John Haugland was driving them. It was a piece about him in a norwegian motorsport magazine. It all ended out in that I bought my first car from him, a 100L.

    In the next 10 years I drove the different rear engined cars, and alsi tried to build a 110LS rally car. I had challenges getting the head gasket to keep sealed, and in the end I sold the car to autocross.

    How many 130 RS, that is a beautiful car, is left in the CZ and are used for rally ?
    Do they have a club and a website ?

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    Re: 130 RS

    Hard to say. There are some five or ten pieces taking part in rally. Other thing is how many of them are real 130RS. Many of them, in lower level of czech rallies (amateur hobby events), are just Skoda 110R with wide glassfiber bodywork. It is qiute problematic (and expensive, off course ) to have 130RS exactly according to the original. Especially rear axle and engine head are very rare and expensive.
    BTW, what is the original? There were not many pieces produced and each of them were said to be different original on its own. There hardly were two exactly same cars.

    There is no official 130RS website. Though, you can browse for example:
    www.fire-rallyteam.cz - the white (blue) 130RS is original former rallycar which is allowed to drive on normal roads