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    A tady info o všech možných akcích, je to celé polsko ale kolem hranic taky snad každý týden něco...


    • Zimowy rajd zdrojowy


      • 5. Mikolow and Zory Rally
        5. The Mikolow and Zory Rally will be held on the weekend 23-24 April 2016. The event will comprise two different rally competitions: the 1st round of the Silesian Car Rally Championship as well as the 2nd round of Polish Rally Championship for Historic Cars. Crews participating in both events will compete on the same route. The rally will be based in Mikolow, c. 60 km from Cieszyn while the rally finish will be situated in Zory, c. 40 km from Cieszyn. The route comprises 7 special stages having the total distance of around 40 km. The starting ceremony will begin on Saturday 23 April at 7:00 PM in the market square in Mikolow. Straight from the starting ramp the competitors will go to confront the evening super-special stage on the distance of 1.5 km along the streets in the town centre. On Sunday 24 April the crews will face 3 special stages, each about 7 km long and each driven twice. The rally entry fee will be c. EUR 190.
        The Silesian Car Rally Championship is a series comprising 7 rally events. Along with the Mikolow and Zory Rally the season calendar includes, among others, Wisla Rally and Cieszynska Barborka Rally.
        Last year’e edition of the Mikolow and Zory Rally saw as many as 89 crews taking the starting line. Łukasz Habaj, Poland’s Rally Champion in 2015 season, who lives in Mikolow, was one of them. The rally is organised by Automobilklub Ziemi Tyskiej (Tychy Region Motoring Association), associated in Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association.
        The rally website at: www.rajd.mikolow.pl

        Onboard from a special stage of the Mikolow Rally:
        Łukasz Habaj at the Mikolow Rally:
        Jarosław Szeja, winner of the 2013 edition:

        Silesian Car Rally Championship
        The Silesian Car Rally Championship has been held since 2010. The series is open to drivers holding national rally licence. Cars having either FIA or national homologation have to be prepared according to its provisions. Cars with no valid homologation can start in the Open class, without being ranked in general classification. Cars eligible have to be equipped with tyres having homologation type E for road use – tyres for motorsport are forbidden. Also forbidden is the use of tyres with homologation type E conforming to Appendix V to the FIA Sport Regulations for Regional Rallies, listed in the list of tarmac tyres eligible for FIA rallies. Tyres for motorsport use may be used in the Guest class (international rally licence), in the R class (R-class cars, national rally licence) and in the RO 4WD class (in which the maximum inner diameter of the air intake for the turbocharger is 31 mm; national rally licence). The car has to be equipped with safety cage conforming to the J appendix, with FIA-homologated safety belts having their date of validity expired not more than five years ago, and with FIA-homologated seats. Seats may be used for a period of 10 years from their manufacturing date, with no periodic inspection required. The use of 2 fire extinguishers weighing 2 kg each is allowed. The FHR (HANS) system is not required; race helmets have to conform to the following standards: BS6658-85 type A/FR, BS6658 Type A/FR and Snell SA 2000. It is allowed to use race suits consistent with the expired FIA Standard 1986. Personal equipment (gloves, shoes, underwear, balaclava, socks) may conform to the expired ISO 6940 standard or to FIA Standard 1986. Competitors starting with international licence and in the R class have to have car and personal safety equipment in place according to all currently applicable standards.

        Polish Rally Championship for Historic Cars
        Polish Rally Championship for Historic Cars is a new rallying series for historic rally cars. Plans for the 2016 season provide for 8 rounds. Cars eligible for participation are those manufactured between 1 January 1931 and 31 December 1957, production cars homologated by FIA by individual ASNs as “Touring”, “Competition Touring”, “Grand Touring” and “Competition Grand Touring” until 31 December 1990, including their replicas and prototypes irrespective of their year of production, as well as production cars bearing no homologation, produced until 31 December 1990, including their replicas and prototypes. Both the driver and co-driver starting in this competition have to hold valid national or international licence. Safety equipment required is similar to that obligatory in the Silesian Car Rally Championship.
        The rally organiser offer his assistance in finding hotel accommodation or in explaining any doubts as regards the regulations. Please contact: marketing@rajd.mikolow.pl