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Sell ​​gift cards with USA Phone Number List WooCommerce

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  • Sell ​​gift cards with USA Phone Number List WooCommerce

    Easily one of the best and most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins on the web, WooCommerce is great for selling gift cards to your customers . So if you're already using this USA Phone Number List handy plugin on your website, or planning to use one of the WordPress themes with the WooCommerce plugin, you'll be glad to hear that selling your gift cards with WooCommerce is a breeze. 'child. Related: Stop looking for coupons! Promofly will find them for you For these USA Phone Number List purposes, you will need to install a WordPress plugin called PW WooCommerce Gift Cards and activate it. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards After activation, go to Products >> Add New in your admin dashboard. Here you can generate your gift card. Make sure to give your gift card a title and description first. Gift card Add new Once you are done USA Phone Number List setting them up, head to the Product Data section and choose the product type named Gift PW Card .

    Then, in the Gift Card tab , simply enter the value of your gift card. You can of course set different values, from the cheapest to the most expensive gift cards. Add a gift card You USA Phone Number List can also add your product image (and/or gallery images) and select product category and tags. Product Parameters Finally, be sure to hit the Publish button once you're done creating your gift card. Publish the product Your customers will now be able to view your gift card products on the Gift card product page and choose the amount and enter the recipient's USA Phone Number List (or multiple addresses) along with a brief message.

    Gift Card Overview To set your email design, you need to go to plugin settings, Pimwik Plugins >> PW Gift Cards , and choose the Email Designer tab. You'll find a few other tabs USA Phone Number List here, such as Balances (which lets you check your gift card balance), as well as some that require you to upgrade to the Pro version of the plugin to use them. These include the ability to import existing gift card numbers and create gift USA Phone Number List cards directly from the admin area.